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 “.bd” domain name search facility is not available with this search option. If you need to search “.bd” domain please contact our sales team for assistance.

How to pick a domain name

Tips on Finding the Ideal Domain Name

Make it memorable
Make your domain name memorable. Keep the domain name short.

Know Your audience
Make it relevant to your audience. Target keywords in domain names are important.

Easy To Type
Avoid any hyphens & numbers, Non-Unicode characters in your domain names.

Popular keywords
Find domains with popular keywords. Protect your brands by buying the same name.

Protect Your privacy
Go with Privacy Registration if you want to avoid your private data on WHOIS.

Be fast to be first
Found the one? Act fast! All the best domain names sell out really fast.

Why register a domain name with Dtech?

Dtech provides you the best domain registration with an instant activation & dedicated live support.

Cheap Domains & Renewals
Providing the best domain at a low price is our mission! you will get the best domain names with premium service quality.

Trusted Domain Registrar
Premium hosting quality and the best domain prices – only at Dtech. Choose only a trusted domain provider with the highest quality guarantee level & dedicated in-house support.

Domain Privacy Protection
Naturally, by registering your domain name, other registrars will list all your personal registration details in the WHOIS database. Dtech provides Domain Privacy Protection Service that will hide all your private information details from the public eye.

Domain Name Checker
Use our domain checker to catch all of the most popular domains from the huge variety of TLDs: .com, .net, .org. Order one of our web hosting services and enjoy your all-in-one package for an exclusively affordable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How and Where I can Register Domain name?
Dtech is one of the domain registrars where you can buy the domain name and web hosting services. You have to choose a domain name and then based on its availability you can buy a domain. 

What are the popular domain name extensions?
.com & are the two popular domain name extensions. The .com domain name extension indicates “commercial”, it is the recognized domain extension worldwide. Whereas domain name extension indicates “Bangladesh”. And there are also other domain extensions too such as .net, .org, .live, .store, .xyz etc. 

We always advise to choose a unique and easy domain name so that users can remember easily. If the business or organization is based in Bangladesh we suggest to choose .bd domain.

Can I transfer my existing domain to Dtech from other Registrar?
Yes, it is possible to transfer your existing domain to Dtech. It will require 5 (five) to 7 (seven) working days. Please contact our Sales Team for more information on domain transfer.

What does Domain expired means?
When you are purchasing a domain name for a period of 1 (one) or more years from Dtech and once the purchased period gets over, you need to renew your domain name, or else your domain name will get expired. In Dtech we inform our clients via email and phone before the domain expires.

We always suggest to renew your domain name before the expiry date. 

Within how many days can I retrieve my domain name after it got expired?
In Dtech once your domain name gets expired you are given 03 days grace period, once after the completion of your grace period your domain name goes into redemption period even at this period, you can retrieve your domain name by paying the redemption fee.

The redemption and deletion period along with restore date may vary based on your domain name extension. It is always suggested to renew your domain name before the expiry date.

While transferring my domain name to Dtech, Will I lose any of my Data?
No, while transferring your domain name to Dtech, you are not going to lose any of your data. Our team members are well experienced and they will take care of transferring your data without losing even a bit.